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Message from the President, Management Philosophy

Message from the President


Photo of President Katsumi Asai

Yasuyoshi Umehara

The first train cafeteria in Japan started operations a long time ago in 1899.
"What kind of food service shall we provide to customers using the railways?"
Since the Meiji era this theme has been an important theme that is inseparable from the railways service.

The most cordial hospitality on-board by our "Gran Class" attendants.
Freshly-brewed coffee on board the Shinkansen
Various"Eki-ben" displayed at a box lunch kiosk at the terminal station
"Eki-soba" that travelers briefly stop off to eat when they have no time

We at Nippon Restaurant Enterprise, as a member of the JR East Group, have provided a food service to customers using the railways in various scenes like those described above, in order to fulfill our role as the company which is the core of the group's food and drink division.
A fun trip with your family or friends, a busy business trip, your daily commute...
Our stores and staff always support our customers who use JR East for a variety of reasons.

We at Nippon Restaurant Enterprise have been working together with the railways and with our customers for many years and going forward we will continue to contribute to the travel and daily lives of our customers with our food service.
We look forward to serving you again.